Note: To keep myself accountable, everything on this page comes directly from GitHub. That means that if I forgot to push a commit, or if I was too lazy to create a repo, that project isn't shown here. Sorry!

SophieOpferman (Maintained)

My personal website.

Live Version

ColorPalette (Maintained)

Sometimes, you just wanna see how a bunch of colors look together. can generate palettes, but is limited to how many colors.

Live Version

Winston (In Progress)

Winston is a bot. He's here to help.

My basic website.

Live Version

Password (Maintained)

For when you're making a puzzle, and they need to input a password to unlock something.

Live Version

TiddlyTron (Maintained)

A simple desktop app to view your TiddlyWiki, and keep it separate from your web browsing.

Apollo (In Progress)

A combination looper and sequencer for live performances, all in your browser.

Stanford-Awesome (In Progress)

One list that tries to capture all the websites, tools, and opportunities available to Stanford students.

PanTidDoc (None)

Convert virtually any file (including PDFs) to a tiddler--edit it, search it, quote it, transclude it.

A user-friendly presentation of college data and statistics.

Live Version

Control your smart devices using an Amazon dash button

A visually appealing way to display your favorite quotes.

Live Version