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Taylor and Vanessa are best friends. Or maybe more?
Concurrent with The Night Before, can be read in either order.
Taylor and Vanessa are best friends. Or maybe more?
Concurrent with The Morning After, can be read in either order.
Sequel to The Morning After/The Night Before.
An awkward college freshman is recruited by a mesmerizing junior for a revenge scheme which seems, frankly, to have a bit of an ulterior motive.
In world where magic is limited by colors, two factions are in constant conflict on their search for The One, an omnipotent Magicker who will save the world from destruction. Octavio and Callum Florez are recruited by opposing forces, but they don't want to fight. All they want is to get away from the death and destruction that fills their lives.
An imagining of a first kiss between a couple with dreams of the future.
Martha is not a Valentine's Day kind of person. Sure, she's romantic, but she just has more important things to focus on. But a mysterious secret admirer doesn't care.


Based on the TV show Once Upon a Time. Amelia Lancaster has been Emma Swan's best friend and partner in crime for years. She accompanies Emma to Storybrooke, where she finds herself drawn to the magic of the town and determined to protect the people thereof.
Based on Rick Riordan's novel of the same name. The story follows the Kane siblings Carter, Katherine, and Sadie as they discover they are descended from both the pharaohs and magicians of ancient Egypt. As a result, they are able to both host gods and wield magic.
Sequel to The Red Pyramid. The Kane siblings continue on their mission to defeat Apophis, the Serpent of Chaos. But first, they must awaken Ra, king of the gods.


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